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As a hormone specialist, I tell my patients that environmental toxins play a major role in upsetting the balance of our hormones. It can be very overwhelming to embrace healthy living. I am doing it one step at a time.
On a personal note…so many things in my home are announcing that they require replacement.
It is so frustrating when things like your water filter, dish washer, dryer, and furnace stop functioning appropriately! Not to mention…..we are contemplating painting our walls after more than 10 years, and we are looking to buy a new mattress.
I have spent my day on various websites trying to find valid information on where to buy safe products for health as well as for efficiency and longevity.
A couple of things I have learned today:
1. Although expensive to buy a water filter for your entire home, it is just as important to filter your shower and bath, as it is to filter the water from your kitchen sink. The hot water in your shower and bath opens your skin pores. Because of this, contaminants are absorbed into your system. In addition, the steam contains chemicals that you inhale. Dr. Mercola’s website, provides information on a whole house system that I am considering.
2. is a great place to start for quality at a good price.
3. Clean, Green, & Lean, a book by Dr.Walter Crinnion is a good source for toxin free living. He lists multiple websites at the end of his book for additional information. Don’t forget that the body stores toxins in fat. Clean living promotes weight loss.
4. Paint can release low level Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air for years after they are applied. Largely because of consumer demand, companies have developed low-VOC and zero-VOC paints. These new paints are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health.

5. Mattresses are treated with highly toxic, flame-retardant chemicals like polybominated diphenylether (PBDE). PBDE’s are not only in mattresses, they are also in furniture. They can build up in your body over time leading to an increased risk of reproductive damage, and other health concerns. Like so many other chemicals, PBDE’s are showing up in breast milk.

We spend about 1/3 of our life sleeping with our faces against a mattress, breathing in these chemicals.

I am still looking into a source to buy organic mattresses. I am looking into a business in Dayton Ohio called, Design Sleep. Initially….my goal is to make sure that the mattress I am looking at is PBDE free.


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